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Syllabi & Application

Here are links to download PDFs with Aeromania's syllabi, Single Pilot Exemption application, and Note Taking Guides for use in class. There is no charge for these items. 

Note Taking Guides

System Study Guides

Here are links to purchase and download PDFs with Aeromania's Citation Systems Study Guides. The cost is $65.00 and you will be able to print these after purchase. 

Citation-ology App (iPhone and iPad only)

Here is a link to the iTunes App Store to download the Citation-ology app for iPhone and iPad only.  It's free to download and test fly this great tool to review systems, memory items, and limitations for the following models: CE500, CE510, CE525, CE550, CE560, and CE560XL/XLS. Other models will be added later. 


Here are links to purchase the book Advanced Flight Instruction directly from the publisher.