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Citation Training


We instruct in the following Citation 500 series aircraft:

We instruct in the Citation Mustang CE510

We instruct in the following CJ 525 Series Aircraft:

Aeromania’s initial type rating course is often completed in about a week, compared to 10-18 days spent in a ‘simulator school.’ Aeromania trains beyond the proficiency required by Part 61 which ensures you’ll comfortably do well on your evaluation. We tailor your training to your previous pilot experience and target any areas requiring more focused attention.

Aeromania’s instructors are highly experienced and currently fly. This is quite different from the typical instructor at a Part 142 Training center who may have not actually flown for years.

All flight instruction is done in your actual airplane. This is critical in the legacy Citations because very few have the original avionics. Most have been modified over the years. There is less value learning to fly somebody else’s plane (or worse yet, a simulator) if yours is not set up the same. Aeromania will ensure you meet ATP standards, have logged actual flight time in the aircraft, and can operate the airplane safely and professionally before your evaluation.


FAA Single Pilot Exemption Authorized OUTSIDE the United States

For all CE500, CE550 & CE560's

Aeromania offers training and evaluation for FAA Exemption 11421 allowing qualified pilots to fly any CE500 series airplane as a single pilot. The specific models covered by the exemption are the Cessna Citation CE-500, CE-550, CE-S550, CE-550 Bravo, CE-552, CE-560, CE-560 Ultra, and CE-560 Encore.

Every insurance company we have encountered has accepted this FAA Approved training program in lieu of simulator based training to meet the currency training requirements of 14 CFR Parts 61.57 & 61.58. The fact is, if you take the time to read part 61.58, it specifies the proficiency evaluation be conducted in an aircraft. The ‘sim schools’ can let a pilot meet this requirement if using an approved Part 142 training program.

Unlike other Citation Single Pilot exemptions, FAA Exemption 11421 is not limited to a single serial number aircraft. Once qualified, you can fly any of the CE500 aircraft single pilot. This is great for pilots flying several different Citations.

In addition to the normal required recurrent training subjects, we'll teach everything you need to safely operate as a single pilot including: Single Pilot Resource Management, specific aircraft and equipment requirements, and safe procedures for circling approaches - especially involving a right turn from downwind to final.

Please call +1.307.388.4010 to discuss the details.

Download Exemption 11421C CE500 FAA Approved program PDF